Account Representative - The Career

If you're looking to get a foot in the door of a marketing firm, becoming an account representative might be your best chance for success. These individuals are tasked with keeping in contact with various clients the marketing firm partners with, making sure the client is happy and the partnership is running smoothly.

Most account representatives work in entry-level positions at a firm, making the position a great choice for new graduates. Read on to discover how account representatives serve their companies, and how you can prepare yourself for the job.

What do they do?

During a business partnership, numerous concerns, comments, and suggestions must be communicated effectively between a client and a marketing firm. Account representatives take calls, field questions, and ensure any and all concerns a client might have are addressed by the sales and creative teams.

Location and Opportunity

According to statistics from, the highest concentration of account representative positions may be found in the following areas:

  • Houston, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA

Account representatives could almost be considered a customer service position, and must have great communication skills to effectively meet the needs of clients. Sometimes marketing agencies assign their account representatives specific clients, while others require representatives to maintain communication between many different clients on a daily basis.

In an average day, an account representatives interacts with many team members at a firm. Some of these include:


Because account representatives are considered an entry-level position, recent high school and college graduates have the best chances of obtaining the position. While many marketing agencies will accept candidates with high school diplomas, others will prefer their account representatives to have a more advanced educational background in marketing, such as bachelor's degrees.

The most important qualifications for account representatives are great communication and people skills. Much of the position consists of speaking with clients over the phone, smoothing over any billing issues, and addressing other concerns, meaning account representatives must be quick thinkers and be able to problem solve on the spot.

Become an Account Representative

Account representatives have significant opportunity to move up the ranks in a marketing firm, meaning new positions are frequently offered.

As an entry-level position, the average salary of the typical account representative varies widely depending on experience, location, and the firm itself. Most account representatives initially make between $40,000 and $42,000 a year, with the opportunity for advancement in the future.

For more information about a career in account representation, contact some schools offering degrees in marketing.