Lisa Minor

Lisa Taylor Minor has always been fascinated by consumer psychology. Why do people buy the things they buy? Why do some advertising campaigns work better than others? How can businesses utilize information and insight to maximize profits? Due to her innate curiosity about the way the mind works, Minor originally planned to major in psychology…. Read more

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Bob Griff

If you’ve ever stepped into a doctor’s office, you’ve undoubtedly seen the various medical products, devices, and instruments spread throughout the room. Have you ever considered that each of those devices is only one brand chosen from an entire market of medical devices? Why did the doctor pick that brand over the others? When medical… Read more

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Janice Cain

Janice Cain describes herself and her consultancy as a ‘one-stop shop’ for award-winning marketing expertise and service. Cain, a strategic marketing and business development consultant, brings years of experience backed by a prestigious marketing education to companies looking to increase their market visibility and profitability. When companies need to zero in on their clients, launch… Read more

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