Last Updated: December 11, 2020

Our Recommended Schools

  1. Grand Canyon University (GCU)

    GCU's Colangelo College of Business offers leading edge degrees that address the demands of contemporary business environments.

  2. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

    Explore the bond between business and consumer behavior with a degree in marketing.

It may be one of the least populated states in the country, but that doesn’t stop South Dakota from being a leader in economic growth and business development. Because they don’t tax personal income, capital gains, corporate income, or corporate gains, South Dakota consistently ranks as one of the most business-friendly environments in the United States.

The thriving businesses of South Dakota depend on expert marketers to create and manage all advertising and marketing outreach efforts. These campaigns require a large range of skills and expertise in the areas of market research, consumer psychology, and brand production and management – expertise gained in marketing programs.

A marketing degree opens a world of career opportunities for professionals. Because the field of marketing encompasses a wide range of jobs, potential marketers can specialize in a variety of areas, including sales, public relations, and internet marketing.

Beginning courses in marketing include core theories of marketing and branding, providing students with the foundation they need for advanced topics in the field. Later in their academic careers, students use what they have learned throughout their coursework to engage in business replications, giving them hands-on experience. Students create their own marketing plans in order to be prepared for the competitive South Dakota business environment, ensuring bright futures for these future marketers.

To learn more about how you can attend a South Dakota marketing school, request information from the schools below.