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Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin is one of the top agricultural and manufacturing locations in the United States. Wisconsin offers businesses financial and tax incentives, coupled with customized labor training programs to help new and established businesses flourish in the state today.

Wisconsin businesses depend on trained marketers to plan, promote, price, and distribute their products and services. These highly skilled professionals understand the complex techniques involved with determining the correct channels and methods of reaching these consumers – techniques they've mastered in marketing programs at colleges and universities.

Marketing programs in Wisconsin are designed to give students a complete overview of the marketing styles used by businesses to ensure they meet customer needs. In addition to fundamental marketing approaches, students learn how marketing strategies are used in the state, national, and global economies.

A degree in marketing opens up a world of career opportunities for potential professionals. Careers are typically available for graduates in market research, professional sales, or international business. With skills gained in their programs, future marketers build resumes that are valuable to companies in Wisconsin.

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