types of marketing

Very often the success or failure of a company is a direct result of an effective or not so effective marketing strategy. Therefore, choosing a marketing strategy that fits the company product is of vital importance.

  • Deciding on your audience The first step toward developing an appropriate marketing strategy is to know your audience. Are they 15 to 25 year old gamers? 21 to 40 year old football fans?
  • Creating a Psychological Process Profile Secondly, you should create a hypothetical psychological process a buyer of your product will take as a result of your marketing efforts. Read more about consumer psychology here.
  • Connect a Type of Marketing Strategy Based on your understanding of the target audience and the process you wish to take them through, choose a type of marketing strategy that you believe will have the greatest positive impact.
  • Assess your Efforts With whatever data is available through your marketing methods, assess whether your assumptions were correct and react accordingly.

Types of Marketing Strategies