Last Updated: November 10, 2020

You’ve created a website, built solid and interesting content, and know that others will find your site useful. There’s just one problem: nobody is visiting.

Internet marketing relies heavily on increasing your page ranking in search engines to drive visitors to a page. Today, one of the most effective ways of raising your page ranking is by asking other high quality sites to link back to your site. Coordinating these efforts are link builders, SEO professionals who understand the importance of backlinking.

What do they do?

Location and Opportunity

According to, several locations are currently hiring link builders for websites. Those locations include:

  • Villanova, PA
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Washington, DC
  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA

To compete in the digital world, websites need to enter relationships with multiple partners to get them to link to that website. Link builders work in content publicity, advertising their site’s content and quality pages to other websites with the hope that those websites will link to their own.

Link builders accomplish this in many ways, including email campaigns, contacting article directories, posting on forums, and reaching out to blogs. Google and other search engines rank certain websites higher depending on how many high-quality sites link to that website, and link builders drive these efforts.

A link builder must convince another company why a web page is worth linking to. They must have strong business sense, communication skills, and maintain contact with multiple partners at once. Some professionals they work with include:


Our Recommended Schools

  1. Grand Canyon University (GCU)

    GCU's Colangelo College of Business offers leading edge degrees that address the demands of contemporary business environments.

  2. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

    Explore the bond between business and consumer behavior with a degree in marketing.

Link builders are, above all, persistent. They must contact various organizations and websites, follow up frequently, and then contact even more. They usually also have excellent writing skills, and can craft blog posts and pages alongside content writers.

Usually link builders have obtained bachelor’s degrees in marketing, though experience building websites and getting backlinks is often the most important qualification for companies.

Become a Link Builder

Link builders typically earn between $40,000 and $60,000, but that salary fluctuates depending on job responsibilities and the size of a site.

If you’re interested in learning more about fostering working relationships between websites, contact schools offering degrees in marketing.